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fiona Bramzell

Well, thank goodness the summer has been deadly quiet! While it seems that every single person in the city has been up at the cottage (must be a heck of a large place!) it's given me a chance to start working on my new retail section! And have I ever learned alot! From wholesalers to distribution companies, consignment agreements and business licences, rules and regulations, I feel like I've been in a How to Open a Retail Store 101 class. But, it seems to be paying off and I have some fabulous vendors lined up to sell all kinds of local crafts, small batch food products, fresh bread and Kombucha! And speaking of Kombucha, I've been experimenting myself in this area and have so far managed to produce five SCOBY's and one slightly vinegary batch of the stuff. It's a work in progress. Thankfully (and luckily for y'all!) I will be carrying professionally produced Kombucha which is, if you've never tried it, a delicious way to get all those good probiotics into your system!

I've also been experimenting with cement (who hasn't?) and am producing some cool-looking cement tea light holders. So many possibilities with the stuff and I'm seeing every empty carton and container as a potential cement mold! Once I've perfected my method, I may even be so bold as to sell some in the store - so stay tuned! And, while you're waiting for that check out all the amazing classes we have starting at the store!

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