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Things are heating up!

fiona Bramzell

Hot enough for ya? Well, things are about to get a lot hotter around here with the flurry of activity going on at the store! Not only have we changed our name to something even more fabulous (and way more descriptive of what goes on here) we also have some exciting classes and workshops coming your way!

In addition to the cool half day camps we have scheduled, Origami and Cartooning (not together, although that might be interesting...) I'm thrilled to announce that we're teaming up with local business DIY Kids to bring you an awesome half day camp for your 4-6 year olds. DIY Kids believes in growing, making and all things recycled - the perfect antidote for this 'throwaway' world we live in! Check on our site for registration details, coming soon! 

And here's something for all you hardworking adults out there - coming up on July 28th we have our 'Sizzlin' Summer Skin' workshop, perfect for getting that often neglected body looking fine in time for the beach! Get some friends together and spend a fun couple of hours creating awesome-smelling scrubs and lotions that will guarantee your skin looks sumptuous wherever you decide to bare it this summer! Oh, and did I mention you'll keep those pesky mosquitoes away too with the Citronella-based lotion? Beautiful and bug-free - doesn't get much better than that!

And finally, design consultant Emily Thiffault will be holding the first in a series of seminars for everything you always wanted to know about interior decorating but were too afraid (or didn't know you had to) ask! She'll cover everything from how to choose a design consultant or designer and paint colour selection to picture placement and space planning. If you're planning on sprucing up your place any time soon this seminar is a must! 

So, in the meantime my friends, stay cool, stay creative and keep on crafting!


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