Savouring the simple life in the city...
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Fiona Bramzell - Studio Owner


 For Fiona Bramzell, The Simple Craft Company is a wonderful culmination of life events and experiences. From a very early age, she was never without a pencil in her hand, constantly drawing (mostly princesses!) and later moving on to exploring other mediums and styles. An avid artist throughout high school she then attended Thurrock School of Art and Design in the U.K., gaining a diploma in fashion and textiles. And happened. But, throughout parenting and her various work and businesses ventures, including restaurant ownership, reflexology and freelance writing (she's nothing if not versatile!), art and crafts have been a constant passion and have happily lead her to this place.

Fiona's intention in opening this business is to provide a welcoming, community-minded environment that benefits those who wish to discover, explore or rekindle their creativity while also giving talented, hard-working artists the opportunity to share their skills and talents. From personal experience, Fiona knows just how important that connection with our creative self really is and how, despite everything else that may be going on in one's life, we can all gain from participating in a simple craft.